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Ex Officio Directors

The Honorable Donnie Tuck
Mayor, City of Hampton & Honorary President


Steve Bond

Assistant City Manager, City of Hampton

Mary Bunting
City Manager, City of Hampton


James Gray

Vice Mayor, City of Hampton

Dr. Jeffery Smith
Superintendent, City of Hampton


Ann Bane
Hampton City Schools

Executive Board

The Executive Board, Directors, Committee Chairs and Student Representatives proudly serve as Hampton Ambassadors on behalf of our community! We engage and participate in programs to foster and promote friendly relations and mutual understanding between our community and citizens of our four sister cities. We are people making a difference globally!

Dianne Peterson
City of Hampton, Retired 
Vice President
Vivian Griese
Hampton City Schools
Shirley Turner
Zel Technologies Inc.

Tanika Gonzales
Homeschool Educator

Marketing & Membership
Valencia Jowers
A Graphics Experience

Committee Chairs & Directors

Director & Past President
Joe Biava
Hampton City Schools

Chair, Vendôme Committee
Tanika Gonzales
Homeschool Educator

Chair, Southampton Committee

Geoffrey Tennille

Hampton Resident

Chair, Anyang Committee
Dr. Sean Chu
National Institute of Aeronautics (NIA)

Alison Moir
Newport News City Schools

Vice Chair, Southampton Committee
Marty Tennille

Hampton Resident

Student Director
Hampton City Schools

Chair, Pietermaritzburg Committee
Brittany Foster
Hampton City Schools


Darla Sexton

Blueskies Art Gallery Owner

George E. Wallace
Former Mayor, City of Hampton

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