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This Just In

The 2017 Sister Cities of Hampton Young Artist/Authors Showcase winner is 17 years old Katlin Baxley of Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia. We invite you to view a few of last year's finalist entries on our Facebook gallery.


Photo Gallery

A picture can truly be worth a thousand words. That's why we make it a point to try to capture our participation in community events and international exchange visits while providing stunning views of some of our Sister Cities. You are sure to enjoy!


It's Presidential

Brittany Foster represented the SCH Board at the Anyang Citizen's Festival and developed a student letter exchange program between Anyang students and Hampton City Schools students. We invite all to leave her a warm thanks.


Support Us

We make it easy for you to help Hampton Sister Cities achieve our mission! Whether you are a corporate business, public/private organization, student, family or individual, we've got some affordable giving opportunities with you in mind!


Greetings from our Mayor
On behalf of Hampton City Council, Sister Cities of Hampton and the citizens of Hampton, it is my privilege and honor to welcome you. Sister Cities of Hampton, working together with Hampton City Government, has engaged in cultural, educational and economic activities abroad since the late 1950s. To quote President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who founded the organization in 1956, "The Sister Cities program is an important resource in the negotiations of governments in letting the people themselves give expression of their common desire for friendship, goodwill and cooperation for a better world for all." In this time of terrorism and social unrest, it is imperative that these relationships be strengthened and maintained. The City of Hampton looks forward to continuing the friendly cooperation that exists between us and our sister cities abroad.

Donnie Tuck, Mayor City of Hampton,
Honorary Chairman, Sister Cities of Hampton

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