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Event with a Purpose

Sister Cities of Hampton started the first City2City event in 2013 to raise awareness about our organization. Due to its mass appeal, it has grown into an annual signature event. The overarching objective of this event is to expose Hampton youth to our city’s international relationships and recruit our young people to become more involved in activities with our sister cities. Through events such as this one, we hope to further develop the global perspective of youth who reside in the City of Hampton, and bring awareness of youth initiatives within our organization.

During each of the events we provide fun interactive activities and/or demonstrations that highlight our four sister cities. Past activities included cultural games, ethnic food tasting, a Gangnam style performance, Taekwondo demonstration and a flag football kick-off evening.

Kick Back & Join Us!

For this year’s City2City event, we will be hosting a flag football tournament at Gosnold’s Hope Park between middle school teachers and high school teachers in the City of Hampton. The name of the winning team will be engraved on a majestic trophy and the teachers on the winning team will have bragging rights for a year. The goal is to attract as many young people from the City of Hampton as possible to cheer for their favorite teacher while learning about Hampton's sister cities in a fun and enjoyable way.

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